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Service Charges

Basic System Diagnostics $40.00-70.00 $45.00-125.00
Extended System Diagnostics $75.00-100.00 $75.00-160.00
Printer Diagnostics $45.00-65.00 $45.00-65.00
Lightning / Surge Damage Report $75.00 $100.00-150.00
Basic System Tuneup To Improve Performance $60.00 $60.00
Virus - Spyware - Hijacker Removal $100.00-130.00 $100.00-130.00
Install CPU $40.00-60.00 $125.00-150.00
Install CPU Fan Or Case Fan $15.00-45.00 $90.00-135.00
Install Floppy Drive $30.00-45.00 N/A
Install Hard Drive $35.00-60.00 $35.00-125.00
Install Memory $20.00-30.00 $20.00-125.00
Install Microsoft Updates And Service Packs $45.00-60.00 $45.00-60.00
Install Motherboard $75.00-120.00 $120.00-180.00
Install Motherboard Battery $20.00-30.00 $60.00-135.00
Install Power Supply $40.00-90.00 N/A
Install Software – Per Application $30.00-60.00 $30.00-60.00
Install Software – Per Suite $45.00-120.00 $45.00-120.00
Install, Update, Scan Antivirus Software $30.00-60.00
Install, Upgrade Card (Video, Sound, USB, Firewire, Modem, Network) $40.00-60.00 N/A
Format & Reinstall Operating System $135.00 $135.00
Setup DSL Modem In BNC Shop $45.00-60.00 $45.00-60.00
Setup DSL Modem With Wireless Router In BNC Shop $45.00-75.00 $45.00-75.00
Setup Printer To Computer $40.00-75.00 $40.00-75.00
Backup & Move Data To New Hard Drive Contact For Quote Contact For Quote
Backup & Move Data To Removable Media (CD/DVD/Flash) Contact For Quote Contact For Quote
Retrieve Data From Failing Hard Drive Contact For Quote Contact For Quote
Blow Out/Cleanout Dirt From System $15.00-20.00 $35.00-135.00
In-Shop Service - 1 Technician / Hour $75.00 $75.00
On-Site Service - 1 Technician / Hour $90.00 $90.00
Remote Access Connection - Rate per minute ($90.00 per hour) $1.50 $1.50

This list shows the most requested services and is not intended to list all services available. The above services and current rates are posted at our office for all customers. The ranges on the rates are based on experience with completing the service. A more exact charge will be quoted after evaluating the problem or at the time of service. If more than one service is required, the total cost will be quoted after evaluating the problem and could result in lower labor costs compared to the combined costs of the individual services.

Other Services

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